The E3 Leak Article

Jarom "Solar" Norris

This Sunday marks the unofficial beginning of the Electronic Entertainment Expo – more commonly referred to as E3. It’s perhaps the biggest Video Game conference in the world, and many AAA studios and publishers use it as a chance to get hype rolling for the next year and advertise their games. But with the tendency for big companies to release big news at this event, there also comes the week beforehand where many people with few things to do are finely crafting an information “leak”. Let me show you some of my favorites from this year.


This is an image that was supposedly taken at some sort of private rehearsal or showcase of Valve’s E3 Presentation. It’s announcing three brand new additions to some of Valve’s best franchises. Let me say some good things about this leak, first: The “See The New Engine In” is a nice touch. It’s right in line with Valve’s current plans to revamp their Source Engine and release it to the public, and also with their past pattern of using their games as a method to show off their engine. But there are some big things about this leak that make it weird. First off, what kind of a name is “Guns on Us”? Second, why is there a 3 and a 1 on the Half-Life symbol? What could that possibly represent? And third, why would Valve announce 3 sequels at once from their short list of game franchises? Wouldn’t it be a better business decision to stagger them better?

Here’s another one. This is a person saying they know someone at Nintendo of America, and that that person let them in on the whole presentation scheduled for next Tuesday. Now, this story is actually much more common then you’d think: so common, in fact, that if there was ever a case where this story WAS true, nobody would believe them anyways. That being said, there are still a couple of things wrong with this posting. First off, there’s not a SINGLE mention of Yoshi’s Wooly World, which is one of the Wii U’s only exciting games coming in the near future. The leak also mentions a new Donkey Kong game and a new Metroid game, which is unlikely since the same studio (Retro Studios) has been in control of both of those franchises in recent years. However, Retro Studios did recently tweet about their possible involvement in this year’s E3 announcements.

The biggest breaker of this leak, though, is that it says that Lucas will be released as DLC for Super Smash Bros. on June 16th, but Nintendo recently (and officially) announced he’d be released on June 14th.

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