The Geekwave Minecraft Server Poll

Jarom "Solar" Norris


Hello everyone! MasterSolar here with an update.

If you haven’t heard yet, the OfficialUofU Minecraft Server was recently attacked by griefers, some of whom claimed to be from the Hacker Forums. They messed some things up pretty badly. As such, there has been conversation among the people about the fate of the minecraft server hosting. It currently has a Whitelist on it, which you can get on by confirming your identity. Just send us a message at The Geekwave Facebook Page to confirm your identity.

Months ago we switched from a Bukkit server to a Vanilla server so that we could update our stuff to Minecraft 1.8. This is part of the reason that Griefing has been allowed to run rampant, as there are few features that Vanilla has to help us stop that. There are also some features that we did have at our disposal which we didn’t use, and we apologize for that. But recently we’ve discovered that the Spigot team revived Bukkit and updated it so it supports 1.8.

We currently have a version of the current map running Spigot hosted at Everyone who’s made it onto the official server’s Whitelist before this point can now be beta testers of this new map!

As has been our goal from the beginning, we’d like the people on the server to decide it’s direction, so that we make it the best possible experience and we can bring in new players from across the University. Thus, we’ve created this poll to gather information about players and gather opinions about what our next step should be. Please fill it out to let your voice be heard.

As always, we thank you guys for supporting The Geekwave and University Student Media. If you have any questions, feel free to message us on Facebook.