Wild BLOG appeared!

Jarom "Solar" Norris

Hello everyone! Welcome to The Geekwave Blog, the University of Utah’s best source for geeky news and entertainment! Let me tell you a little bit about how this is going to work.

Our five awesome show hosts, Solar-Claire-Noah-Allie-Kelby, will be posting regular content in their Geekdoms of choice. Hopefully we can make this stuff as fun and informative as possible. On top of that, we’ll post breaking news and commentary as soon as we hear about it, and we’ll also be posting information on upcoming Events happening on and off campus, especially those sponsored by us and our UofU Club partners. We also have great dreams of doing all sorts of fun things on here, such as polls, competitions, and giveaways.

We hope that you really enjoy this blog and that it can be a place where geeks of all walks of life can read and community (yes I made that a verb). Be sure you also like our Facebook page at facebook.com/geekwave and listen to the show, Fridays from 2-5pm.

Geek out!