K-UTE Wins National Student Production Award

Jarom "Solar" Norris

It was only in August of 2015 that K-UTE Radio completely redid our website and began a rebranding to build a University of Utah podcasting platform. We knew that our audience wanted our talk entertainment content on-demand, and that by building a place where we could publish a variety of different topic shows, we’d be able to give them that and leave ourselves with room to grow. That means that we’ve only officially been publishing podcasts since then, with The Geekwave: Episode 0 releasing on August 20, 2015, and the first episode of The Rostrum on August 25.

And so, it’s with great pride that we accept the 3rd Place National Student Production Award for Best Podcast.

The podcast in question is an episode of The Vet Set, recorded by Andrea Bryant and produced by Keith Blanc. In it, Andrea talks to University of Utah student Cory about his experiences in the Navy. You can listen to the episode here:

Thank you to the College Broadcasters Inc. for bestowing this award. We’re very happy to be able to take something home our first year of entering the awards. K-UTE will continue to improve our standard of quality, especially with our new forms of web entertainment content. So watch out for next year, when we’re going to bring home a 1st place prize!

~ Jarom “Solar” Norris, K-UTE Radio Manager