K-UTE’s New Look


Jarom "Solar" Norris

You may have noticed some changes in our website, particularly on the top menu that hangs out on every page. Or you may have seen a fancy new image show up at the beginning of our lastest video. As part of K-UTE’s fresh new look for 2015, we’ve finally gotten around to changing our logo! Let me tell you a little bit about our thoughts going into making this logo:

  • The swirls are gone! In a way, I’ll kind of miss them. K-UTE’s logo has included swirls for as long as I’ve been here. But for those of you who work in design, you can probably guess that the swirls were a massive pain. Plus, they muddled up the area around the logo and made it awkward to try and put on a dark background. This new logo was designed to be clean and streamlined.
  • We kept the dark charcoal color (#272727) from before. We really like this dark grey, and feel like it gives the logo an edge that a regular black just couldn’t. And that edge was important to us – K-UTE’s style has always been a little rough and colorful, even as it’s tried to be modern and innovative. We think the combination of Charcoal and Red does a good job portraying this. And we’ve added a softer grey (#E9E9E9) to our palette, for use as a background or to fill in lighter letters.
  • The Block U is no longer the most prominant part of our Logo. The big reason for this is to make us more distinguishable from all of the other organizations at the U, to call more attention to the K-UTE Brand. The Block U is still a part of our logo though – situated right on the microphone, to symbolize that we’re still the voice of University Students. We’ve also switched to using Utah Red to further emphasize our ties to the University Community.


We’ll be releasing a style guide soon for press and partners who need to use our logo.

But let’s give a big thanks to the Talent that went into this logo design: first to our Sales Graphics Designer Alyssa Jorgensen, who laid the groundwork for the design direction, then to our own EJ Orschel, who came up with the design structure we liked, and finally to the amazing Cooper Ferrario, for doing the final polishing and making the logo exactly how it looks now. (Fun fact: On Cooper’s Website you can currently see one of the logo designs we didn’t go with. It’s still really good!)


Let us know what you think of the new logo, either in the comments section below or on our Facebook page!


~~ The K-UTE Radio Directors Team