Brunch With U: MLK Celebration Week

Brunch With U: MLK Celebration Week

Keith Blanc

Food For Thought on the news U should know

Campus News: Events listed to help celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. week at the U.   Researchers develop new football helmet to prevent concussions.

Local News: Remembering a fallen hero and police officer.  He had saved the lives of people before and sadly his was ended by a man after being involved in a car chase.  Police are still looking for women suspect.

National News:  Obama declared state of emergency in Flint, MI over contaminated water supply containing lead sense 2014.

World:  Switzerland has big problems that you’ll have to listen in and hear more on.  And our solar system may actually have another ice planet orbiting the sun that is 3-5 times larger then earth.

As food for thought remember to practice advocacy in peace such as the great Dr. showed how.