Brunch With U: Respect The Globe

Keith Blanc

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Food For Thought Around News U Should Know

  • Campus News:  Earth Day Friday April 22 from 10-2.  Be there to support the Earth and learn about slow fashion for example.  There will be a clothing swap happening to promote slow fashion and consuming wisely.   Bring cloths to trade out for and donate a jacket or Hoodie to the more needy.
  • Interview with Steven Hoffman on campus AMF Activity Moving Forward.   Around 25% of students lose a loved one while in school.  Just adding to the stress of school life so get support and here how.  Check it out to  experience for yourself or share the support with others at
  • Interview with Justin Tanner Robertson concerning the statistic of 22 veterans committing suicide a day.  May 22 is the event involving a ruck march with 22 lbs marching 22 kilometers to bring more awareness and support to veterans and their families.  Find his page on facebook under his name and support the cause.
  • Local News:  Small earthquakes around AZ, NV, CO, and even UT
  • World News:  Huge earthquakes recently in Japan and Ecuador killing many, trapping many, and destroying homes.