Dylan Gardner Concert Review


Caroline Moreton

If you hear any one of Dylan Gardner’s songs, you imagine him playing it in front of thousands. His music has that upbeat electronic sound that’s popular today without sounding like every other pop song on the radio. However, his August 25 concert at Kilby Court was played in front of only about 30 people.

A show of this small size could be awkward if the musician makes it so. However, Gardner brought an enthusiasm that was only amplified by the intimacy of the venue. But he wasn’t the only performer to play an energetic set.

The first opener, As We Speak, played a drum heavy set that got everyone jumping or dancing along with the beat. Based in Salt Lake City, As We Speak is a rock/alternative band. They just released their first EP, aptly titled The EP. They were clearly comfortable onstage, maintaining a relaxed but upbeat energy.

After As We Speak, another local band called RKDN came on. They also just released an EP called Stone Cold and played most of the songs off that EP. They heavily encouraged audience participation, teaching them the chorus to their song Silver so the audience could sing along. They also told the audience to dance numerous times during their song. Because their music is more electronic sounding than As We Speak, they were the perfect lead in for Dylan Gardner.

After the quick sound check, Gardner immediately launched into a lively rendition of one of his songs off his album debut album,  Adventures in Real Time. The most noticeable thing about it was the unique stage presence he brought. It was easy to see that Gardner was simply having fun onstage. He was laughing and smiling throughout the entirety of the song, something that continued throughout the concert. In addition, he brought a unique personality to his set that no other singer could replicate. For example, there is a short break in the recorded version of his song Let’s Get Started. However, he extended this break for as long as he could as the audience eagerly awaited him to pick it back up. “Oh you guys all know what’s going on. Usually I try to milk the audience for as long as possible but I could tell you guys knew,” Gardner remarked after the song was over. Over all, his concert can only be described as having an incredibly fun atmosphere.