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I’d like to join K-UTE Radio. How do I do this?

Fill out the internship application found at this link. More information will be found inside the application.

I’m a band, the manager of a band, or a label promotor. How do I get my music on the air?

Send an email to [email protected]. Be sure to include information about your band, links to social pages, and copies of the songs you’d like us to play.

I’m a local band or manager and I’d like to play my music on campus. Can you help?

Yes! K-UTE Radio and ASUU do a Concert Series called Lunchbox Concerts, which showcases local and on-campus artists. If you’re interested in doing that, please send a pitch to [email protected].

I’d really like to partner with K-UTE on an event, hire a DJ, or do some cross-promoting. Who do I contact?

Our Events and Promotions Team can be contacted at [email protected]. Please give full details about the partnership you’re interested in so we can adequately respond to you!


For all other inquiries, email [email protected]. Emails sent to this address that should have been sent to one of the addresses listed above may go stale in our inbox.


K-UTE Radio
200 S Central Campus Dr.
Room 321
Salt Lake City, UT 84112

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