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The Booket List Episode 16: Storytelling and Video Games!

The Booket List Episode 16: Storytelling and Video Games!

January 31, 2017

Hey Everyone! On this episode of The Booket List we're discussing the dynamic between Storytelling and Video Games. As y'all know, this months read is "Halo: Contact Harvest". Which is in fact based on...

The Booket List Episode 15: We’re Back!!

Kimmy Workman

January 10, 2017

Hey Everyone! We are so excited to be back on campus this week to start off our spring semester! Tune in to this week's episode to hear about the different books all the hosts read over break, and hear the results of Kimmy and Brennan's competition! We will be reading a book from the Halo franchise this month titled "Halo: Contact Harvest" by Joseph Staten. For those of you who are scrunching your nose at this because you...

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The Geekwave Episode 39: Dreams of E3

June 17, 2016

Hello Geeks! We hope you enjoyed E3 as much as we did. This week on The Geekwave we talk about our favorite games demoed this year at "Geek3" eh eh, no... ok. While Logan is out Kimmy, Solar, and The Neuschwanderer will be your guides for all the new game announcements. So many games ...

Halo 5 Is Rocking It!

Halo 5 Is Rocking It!

May 25, 2016

What is up Geekdom, In episodes you may hear me briefly mention something about Halo 5 or tell a story of an epic battle experience. Recently I dove back into the fray. I took a break for a while over ...

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