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Bobby B Mac: The Rose Park Prince

Bobby B Mac: The Rose Park Prince

March 19, 2020

Bobby B Mac and his team, the Ghost Family, are showing what you can achieve from working together. B Mac has always had an interest in music. “It’s always been around me. With everything growing ...

SLC's Zac Ivie continues to show hard work's payoff

SLC’s Zac Ivie continues to show hard work’s payoff

January 20, 2020

Meet Zac Ivie, a local emcee and all around artistic presence in the Salt Lake City hip hop scene. He is also the founder of Get it Write Records, an independent label that recently began signing local ar...

Local Artist Spotlight: Sofii Fuego

Local Artist Spotlight: Sofii Fuego

January 17, 2020

Sofii Fuego is an up-and-coming artist in Salt Lake City. She creates high energy, contemporary hip hop music infused with Latin flavor that is both lyric and substance heavy. She stopped by the station r...

Utah artist DonteSoulPepper joins the Hip Hop Drip to SpeakOnIt

December 30, 2019

On December 5th, Berto and Tyki sat down to chop it up with North Salt Lake rapper and NBA Twitter troll, DonteSoulPepper. In this interview, we listen and discuss the making of Donte’s EP SpeakOnIt. ...

Meet the man behind the beats: SLC's Heather Grey

Meet the man behind the beats: SLC’s Heather Grey

November 29, 2019

Recently Hip Hop Drip DJs Tyki and JMO welcomed 24 year old music producer Heather Grey to K-UTE Radio. The guys learn the origin story for his pseudonym and get to know each other while sharing some lau...

Dripcast: Interview with Murderou$ T

Dripcast: Interview with Murderou$ T

November 4, 2019

Murderou$ T is a Hip Hop artist originally from Philly now holding it down for Salt Lake City. His name has been popping up all over the city in the last couple years, and if you are a fan of local pro...

Provo RnB sensation Le Dad sits down with K-UTE Radio

Provo RnB sensation Le Dad sits down with K-UTE Radio

May 16, 2019

If you thought a dull place like Utah could never churn out some funky music, then Provo RnB sensation Le Dad will surely change your opinion. His music follows a wave of RnB revival sparked off by ar...

Song review: “Crowd-Pleaser” by CJSleeves

Song review: “Crowd-Pleaser” by CJSleeves

April 23, 2019

Here at K-UTE Radio, we love showing support to local artists because we believe in the beautiful art that they create on a constant basis. One of the artists that K-UTE has written about before is Provo, ...

Interview with Ritt Momney

Interview with Ritt Momney

February 28, 2019

Evolution is a tricky topic, especially in Utah. And if you were to name your band after the most famous Mormon in the country, you might assume that a lot of controversy would come with it. But local...

Artist Spotlight: CJSleeves

February 7, 2019

Here at K-UTE, we make it a point to support our local artists of all genres. We believe that each and every one of these artists has something to bring to the table and has a chance at success. One ...

Review: Talia Keys “Fool’s Gold”

February 25, 2016

Talia Keys' Fool's Gold album is soulful collection to be reckoned with. With songs she has developed and created over the past 8 years, each has unique tone, while seamlessly working together. In other wor...

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