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Album Review – “Bleak Plaza”, A Noisy Burst of a Joy Ride

June 23, 2017

Bleak Plaza by Bleak Plaza Hitting play on Bleak Plaza was a good idea. The Denver based group's debut album kicks off with an immediate hit of energy on the title track “Fire in The Olfactory”...

The Grateful Dead’s “Holy Grail”: Does It Hold Up?

The Grateful Dead’s “Holy Grail”: Does It Hold Up?

June 6, 2017

  What elements are required to make a show the “greatest of all time”?  Is it the location, the quality of music, the performance, or a combination of all of these elements?  With the Grateful...

What’s The Deal With Jam Rock? (Or, What Happened to the Tuesday Rock Show?)

Ean Ward

April 17, 2017

As one or two of you may have noticed, the Tuesday Rock & Roll show has gotten a little weird over the past couple of weeks.  Gone are any semblance of verse-chorus structured songs, or even any song structures at all.  Instead, long, meandering jams, seemingly devoid of any purpose, often lasting well over ten minutes, seem to have taken their place.  So what’s going on with this spaced-out music and why is it...

Interview with Bad Suns

Interview with Bad Suns

March 28, 2017

As a long time fan of the LA alt-rock band, Bad Suns, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to sit down and talk to them about their newest album Disappear Here. Along with that, I was also able to i...

The Orwells - Terrible Human Beings

The Orwells – Terrible Human Beings

March 2, 2017

The Orwells are at it again with their third release almost three years after the well-received Disgraceland. However, with this new record comes a new set of challenges for the group: not only are they...

Interview with Sunsleeper

Interview with Sunsleeper

February 22, 2017

Following the release of their new EP, Stay the Same, I had the pleasure of sitting down with local emo/rock band, Sunsleeper, to discuss their music, background, and plans for the future. I met up...

Editor's Spotify: Theo Katzman's Heartbreak Hits

Editor’s Spotify: Theo Katzman’s Heartbreak Hits

February 10, 2017

I was listening to my Discovery Playlist on Spotify earlier the week when I found someone I had to talk about, an LA based rocker named Theo Katzman and his album Heartbreak Hits. Katzman’s Soul, Rock,...

Open Mic Look Left’s Pepper Coyote

Geoffrey Sutyak

February 7, 2017

Hey Guys, This week we are visiting Echoplex to listen to George as he interviews the front man for Look Left Pepper Coyote. Listen as they talk about music, Pepper's Life as a school teacher/rocker, and more!! Enjoy, Just Geoff...

Young the Giant and that patented Millennial sound

Young the Giant and that patented Millennial sound

February 2, 2017

It’s midnight last Saturday and I’m at a friend’s place playing board games when my phone vibrates. At first I don’t give it a second though, between all the useless emails and unimportant Slack...

Open Mic: Zac Caeper From FIDLAR

Open Mic: Zac Caeper From FIDLAR

January 25, 2017

Hey Guys, This week we have got a special Open Mic featuring an interview by Austin with Zac Caeper from FIDLAR! Enjoy, Just Geoff...

Moon Duo - Occult Architecture Vol. 1

Moon Duo – Occult Architecture Vol. 1

January 25, 2017

This first release of the two volumes, which will be catalogued together as the band’s fourth record, takes on the Yin of Chinese philosophy – the Yang to be taken care of in vol. 2. Roughly translating...

Childish Gambino - Awaken, My Love!

Childish Gambino – Awaken, My Love!

December 7, 2016

On Kendrick Lamar’s 2015 masterpiece, To Pimp A Butterfly, we heard him calling out to the world, “We want the funk.” It seems like Childish Gambino heard him and indulged his request because Awak...

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