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“Injury Reserve” Review: Self-titled album makes underground waves

May 23, 2019

Intro Injury Reserve has been tearing up the underground scene with mixtapes since 2013 with a repertoire of hits and 2 lead up-singles before the release of their debut album. The timing for its r...

[The Midday Mixes #1] Featured Artist Mix: Karma Fields

March 14, 2016

Since their debut on Monstercat in mid-2015, Karma Fields has been one of the most hyped artists of the label, boasting several more teaser videos than some of Monstercat's founders. Why? Well, concepts....

[The EDM Underground] Featured Artist Mix: Montee

[The EDM Underground] Featured Artist Mix: Montee

March 3, 2016

Montee is a special kind of house artist: niche. If you're into glorious synth melodies, wonderful harmony, and vibrant, bouncy, festival music, he's the man for you. I couldn't find his real name anywhere,...

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