Gamer Moms: The Importance Of Moms To Gamers


Logan Erickson

Hopefully you are aware that Mothers Day is this coming Sunday. If you were unaware of this very important holiday then you receive a poop emoji.

poop emoji

It is actually quite cute. (Taken from Pintrest)

That is how I feel about you, end of story. Mothers Day is important! Very important! Being a mom is hard, and that is coming from a young adult male. I know nothing about being a mom, aside from the fact that they put a lot of work into doing a good job and it is nice that we can at least take one day to thank them for that. Really Mothers Day should be everyday, but their are other holidays.

Now this is not a rant about how important Mothers are. This is a rant about how important moms are to gamers, and this is from personal experience:

  1. Without moms many gamers would most likely starve to death. Without that occasional sandwich, soup, or snack how would a gamer eat? Unfortunately, when you become a grown-up gamer, you don’t live with your mom(at least most of us…), and realize that you have to make your own food. Thank god for cereal.
  2. Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t buy mature games? All of your friends had Call of Duty and Halo, not you though. That is until you asked your mom, cool kid status achieved! Well, unless your mom visited one of those parent rating review sites and read how those games turns your children into demons. In that case, no cool kid status for you , because, you know, demons are bad. But as those of us who play Call of Duty know, the world if full of cool kids.
  3. The gaming mom! Plenty of moms nowadays play games on their phones but what is super cool is when madre jumps in on the couch battle royal and starts throwing red turtle shells and using that star power! Shout out to all those gaming moms. You are pretty dope!
  4. When your screen is really dirty and your mom lets you use her micro fiber cloth to get you back in the game. GG madre!
  5. The mom who approves of you playing video games! Thankfully, these moms are becoming more and more common. For give-or-take the first eighteen years of life, Moms are basically your boss (and not the fun video game kind) so when they approve of your gaming habit, its a good thing.


So treat your moms well! Don’t be the gamer who flicks them off, karma will get you. Instead give them a great Mothers Day surprise and make them dinner for once. Happy Mothers Day!


-Ollie, who loves his mom (goes and prepares a mothers day surprise!)

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