Games that Don’t Require an Outlet


Wild thing from Nuts: The Card Game

Logan Erickson

There are a variety of ways to enjoy time family and friends during the holidays. But my personal favorite is to play some game. This time, I’m talking about games that don’t require an outlet. That’s right, folks, I am talking about good old-fashioned card and boardgames.

This may not be the most family-friendly game, but it does provide lots of laughs. It has nice strategy, and just the right amount of backstabbing. It’s Killer Bunnies.

Killer Bunnies in all its glory. Presented by

This game isn’t for bunny lovers. It is, however, definitely for anyone with an addiction to carrots, and itt’s a great experience amongst friends. There’s lots of content, and several expansions can be purchased. Once everyone learns the rules, the most important aspect becomes how you interact with other players. Blackmailing, betrayal, alliances, pure evil and more, will be encountered as you quest for the magic carrot.

That cousin you always thought was so innocent will turn out to be a genius at empathy, and an evil mastermind. Or you end up with an urge  to nuke someone, because after all, why not? There are also plenty of pop culture references in this bundle of fun that are great for snowy nights!

MontyPython 1 (
We play the Killer Rabbit from Monty Python, and The Holy Grail always comes up. MontyPython 1 (

Be warned, this game carries over into everyday life. Friendships can be carved like turkey; people may cry over more than spilled milk, and you may find coal in your stocking!

The next game is great for anyone who wants a change from combat, to empire-building and trade. It has become a classic in my family. At face value, it may not seem the most competitive, but when things get rolling, it’s one heck of a ride. I am talking about the widely beloved, Settlers of Catan.

The new 5th edition available on

This one goes down in history, as one of my favorites. I have played almost all the expansions. I re-wrote the rules to be used simultaneously in a game that lasted days. The strategic depth and replay values are endless. Your bartering and empire-building skills will improve. Will you build the longest road, or bring spices to harbor?

It is complicated, and takes time to master, but I have yet to regret playing the game. Besides, if I ever decide to settle in a foreign land, I will have already built an empire a few dozen times.

Do you like lying? Then Coup, is the game for you.

Here, there is more than meets the eye. Image from

Coup is about bluffing and lying your way to victory. A substantial part involves calling other people’s bluffs. It is the ultimate in backstabbing and trickery. The games are brief, but intensely action-packed. It is extremely simple, strategies are endless, and it can be played a thousand different times. It’s addictive. You’ll end up playing another thousand times to satisfy your craving.

The name explains the game. You have to be the last person alive out of court. The Coup is the ultimate move resulting in your opponent’s immediate death, and there are many in-betweens. In fact, the only certain thing is, the next coup means someone dies.

Are you feeling lucky? Do you want to make a drastic, simulated impact on the world? Do you want to lead a horde of bear-riding cavemen across Australia? Then, without further ado, I recommend Risk Legacy.

Classic Risk, has always played a special part in my life. Risk Legacy does the same, but adds lots of new features. This game is for people who want to risk ruling the entire world. It is the game that always changes. Rules, armies, abilities, victory conditions,  all change after and during the game. It’s one heck of a Battle Royal strategy-game!

Epic box art, courtesy of

It is a true Battle Royal. This nice picture is from

You shape your own planet and get to decide how things are. Will you build a bunker in North Africa for the tactical advantage, or construct a city from which to start your next game? What you do in the past can come back to haunt you, or offer the opportunity to win. For this very reason, I recommend playing with a similar group of people. Impact carries over, and offers each unique abilities. It’s no fun when a new player gets one victory point, and the veteran gets 6 missiles. This is the game for that little dictator in your family.

Last, but not definitely not least, is a game of sexual puns. It is built on the most over-used bit from Americas Funniest Home Videos, and makes second-graders roll on the ground laughing. It’s Nuts.

He is so cute, yet so dangerous. Nutty photo, courtesy of

This is the Deez Nuts card. From

If you’ve every wanted to slap someone’s nuts, or grabs’ someone’s nuts, or if you’ve ever wanted to be a squirrel, this game is for you. You play the role of squirrel, trying to obtain as many nuts as possible. Unfortunately, other people want your nuts, too. You must smack, grab and defend your way to nutty victory. You’ll hear lots of second-grade humor and sexual jokes along the way. Perfect for a good laugh. Warning, don’t play with grandma. Go nuts!

Hope you enjoyed this list of games with no outlet for the holidays. Take a risk this holiday, and protect your presents, like you protect your nuts.


-Ollie, Master of Stealth and Assassination (Stages a coup and takes over the world!)