Geek Wish-List: E-Z Multiplayer


Lee Neuschwander

Hello again everyone, it’s time for your weekly Wish-List update. Last week, I said I was going to talk about how I wish for a hassle-free way to play video games with other people. Let me take a moment to explain the problem.

I’m sure every multiplayer gamer has been set up with useless, rude, or just plain annoying people at least once. I’m also fairly certain many of you have wanted to play a game with friends, only to give up after fighting with a poorly designed matchmaking system.

Oh, the multi-player system problems I’ve had. Star War Battlefront, Call of Duty, and Destiny are the most problematic multiplayer systems I’ve played. I want Battlefront to fix their multiplayer system in general. Call of Duty should move all the rude, annoying players int one match, and Destiny needs to wake-up, and consolidate players into raids.

Most of us remember simpler times when people just hooked up a second controller, and played split-screen. For me, the best personal play with friends were the Star Wars, Battlefront games. When I heard a new Battlefront front was out, I hopped on the nearest bandwagon and got myself a copy.

Although the gameplay was fun, I’d be here all day if I had to critique Battlefront’s many issues. Above all, I wish Star Wars Battlefront would use a conventional matchmaking system. You join a friend in a group, and play matches instead of using ‘partner-join’ to catch a partner as you join a game—hopefully a player with similar skill-levels.

But my biggest problem is, when you play with people who maxed out in the last two weeks, and just wreck everyone in sight.


Next up, the infamous multiplayer epic, Call of Duty. As every player knows, the biggest problem with this  franchise are the ever-present 12 year-olds who talk endless, random shit about everyone in the game.

There’s always some squeaky voice on the speaker. A constant wail bemoaning they are being killed. Worse, after only two kills, they’re suddenly the next best thing. And, for some obscure twelve year-old reason, somehow, these screechers always have something to say about your mother.

Although unlikely, I also really wish there was a way of instantly removing all the bratty video game players. It would be great to stash them into one game where they can teabag, argue, and be unpleasant to each other all they like. Just leave the civilized gamers alone.


My final multiplayer gripe is Destiny. For the most part, I enjoy its flaws, but one issue I can’t stand is how hard it is to group for a strike or raid. There’s only one successful way to group for endgame content. You need Destiny-playing friends on hand, or you use third-party grouping apps to locate alternates who may not even have a working mic.

I want the Destiny people to get off their recliners, and install a group finder. WoW or GW2 will do, I don’t really care. Any big MMO knows how useful group finders are, but Destiny seems allergic to the idea.

Group finders randomly pair people, and Destiny raids require coordinated action and a common a common goal. Now, you need a third-party app to link players. It would be easier if the game offered a default option for grouping players. Destiny producers Bungie and Activision suggest the challenges are too hard for random strangers.

If truth be told, I see complete strangers work together all the time, and I can’t understand why Destiny doesn’t include a group finder. Prompts asking for player mic preferences, skill or difficulty levels would be helpful. Such a system would improve endgame content, and enhance player enjoyment.


Now that’s done, next week I’ll be talking about how it would be nice to see more event fan-drawings featuring video games or fictional characters. Check Amy Mebberson’s Pocket Princess for examples of the kind of stuff I’m interested to see..

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