Geek Wish-List: eSports for 2016


In E-Sports, Video Gamers Draw Real Crowds and Big Money (NYT).

Lee Neuschwander

Hello everybody, apologies for the late post. Those technical issues finally caught up with me. It’s now 2016, and like I said last year, I want to talk about games I hope will enter the world of eSports. With the new year upon us, preparation for this year’s championships have already begun. From LoLto Counterstrike, people are training for a chance to take home the trophy. WIth many already training hard and building the community with newer teams by having advanced players by being able to buy lol account in order to train the newer ones. It’s safe to say that eSports have grown more than enough to gives some other franchises some attention.

The games I hope to see get more attention in the world of eSports this year include the new Blizzard game, Overwatch, Halo Wars 2, and the newest DOOM.

The most realistic game to enter the eSports line-up is Overwatch. A Blizzard creator, and MOBA-style gameplay make the game a
no-brainier for eSports fans. I hope Blizzcon hosts the first Overwatch world-championship in 2016.
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Next, I want to see a new RTS take the stage in eSports, and I think, Halo Wars 2 would bring new flavor to the arena. But I also believe changes are needed. There are two factions fighting in Halo Wars, and within each there are three sub-factions. Following RTS tradition, a third set of sub-factions would result in a more satisfying outcome. The Flood or Forerunners could easily fill the gap.
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And finally, my big wish for eSports this year. In 2016, we are supposed to get the newest DOOM game. Indeed, DOOM is to return with shiny new graphics, depending on how well its multiplayer function works. The DOOM series is labeled as an ‘arena-style shooter’, which screams eSports. I can see DOOM being played in an eSports bar, and someone says, “Dude, so and so is on fire—oops, spoke too soon, he was just impaled.” (insert Frozen meme here)
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I’m now done with my weekly rant, and sorry for being late. Winter semester starts next week, and I’m so excited for the next round of geek-related stuff at the U. I will officially start the semester with my Wish-list for the geek community at the U. It’s gonna be a good year guys, I can feel it.