Geek Wish-List: Geek U


Lee Neuschwander

Hello again everybody, I hope you’re ready for the new semester. I know this week’s going to be a busy one, with everyone running around trying to figure out new schedules. But don’t fret, I’m here with your weekly Geek Wish-List to help you along.

This week I thought I’d share my Wish-List of geek related things I hope will happen at the University of Utah this semester. I wish for more community events, ongoing LAN-parties, more movie screenings, and more group game-parties, like Smash Bros and or 3DS games. I also hope for club tournaments and more special events, like The Geekwave’s Minecraft Event.

Since the U teamed up with TESPA, there’s been a huge spike in geek activity.  There are diverting events and fun things happening at the U. Last year, we had the Crimson LAN Event, LoL Crimson League, and even a private viewing of the new Star Wars movie. I hope for more events like those.

What I’m talking about is access to things like this year’s new movie screenings, of which there are a whole lot. I’d also like to see more LAN-style parties other than LoL. And, speaking of different kinds of LAN parties, I think it would be really cool to get big groups together to play games similar to the Universities Crimson Gamers’ Society, only bigger, with more food.

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Moving on. I also wish TESPA continues to sponsor different tournaments, but with greater variety. I want to see a Smash Bros tournament, Call of Duty or Halo tournament, and possibly, a tournament of random Steam games that will test gaming capabilities in all genres.

As I mentioned, my biggest tournament wish is, a Steam tournament. For my fellow PC-gamers, I’m also a console-gamer, so hold the hate train. We’ve all seen different mini-game style Steam games, like Duck Game and Speed Runner. But I think tournaments where each round of play was a different kind of Steam ‘mini-game style’ would be really fun. This kind of tournament would not only test raw skill, but also gamer adaptability to different controls and strategies.


Finally, about ‘special events’ at the U. Past events include a Halo 5 release party, Holly Hearth Christmas Hearthstone Event, and the Blizzcon 2015 Streaming Party.  I look forward to more future events like these. The Geekwave will be hosting a Minecraft event at the City Creek Microsoft Store January 23rd. I don’t know what other kind of events are being planned, but I’m here hoping we get some sweet new gaming gear or event swag.

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I’ve finished this week’s list, at long last. Next week, it’s my wish-list for a hassle free way to get people together to game, online, LAN or otherwise. I’ll see you all here next week.