Enter to be “Prey for the Gods”


Izzy Perrino

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When I was planning what to write in this post, I stumbled upon a game that seemed to be nothing but a “Shadow Of Colossus” cop-out; however, on further analysis, this game was far more than just a copy. From the studio No Matter, I introduce you to a world of isolation and cold barren lands in “Prey for the Gods.”

The game tells the story of an unlikely lone hero in a world of colossal creatures known to the people as gods. Our hero is dead set to fight these gods when her people’s lands became barren and cold, leaving the hero no choice but to engage in battle to win the lands back from the gods’ control.

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From the description and game-play demo, you the player not only fight the gods, but mobs of lower level creatures as well.This will help you gain experience in fighting ungodly creatures. And to further enhance your “casual n00b” gaming experience, your survival skills are also put to the test in the game’s “fun” and “quirky” environment system. As the saying goes, “Brace yourselves men winter is surely coming.” However, this is just only the tip of the iceberg.

All of this combined, is why I highly support this tiny studio! From character design to environmental experience, this is definitely one to be hyped-up for. Players will undoubtedly experience rushes of adrenaline as they work at becoming an un-noted hero.

Test your bravery for you are “Prey for the Gods.”


So If you’ve enjoyed the gameplay and want this to happen please support their Kickstarter and show these awesome creators some love!

And as always I will see you in the next blog!

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