My Roommates and I are On a Dungeons and Dragons Quest


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Logan Erickson

My roommates and I are a crazy bunch. Crazy like a band of adventurers from the world of Dungeons and Dragons.

On our great quest for college degrees, my roommates and I have taken on hard dungeons, and will face plenty more in the future. Nonetheless, each of us plays a special part in our group’s success.

First, we have Trevor, stoic and calm. Often we think of Trevor as the mother of our scrappy band. He always looks out for everyone and makes sure we are healthy and clean. But there is more to Trevor than meets the eye. He may appear to be a pacifist, but when the time comes he can tear trolls limb from limb with his bastard sword, and his well-timed jokes frequently split our guts. Trevor is our voice of reason. For instance, when we were about to challenge Orcus, demon Prince of the Undead, Trevor said, “that would be a poor choice!” Because of his imperturbable nature, Trevor is our Paladin!

Then there’s Erik, who brings a little sass to the party. Erik enjoys spells that truly mess with people. He’s not just inflicting damage, he’s into making  weird things happen. Like conjuring spiders to crawl on an enemy’s eyeballs, or melting combatants into puddles of sadness. Erik’s shocking opinions often helps the group think from a different perspective. In combat, you never know what Erik will do because he likes to mix it up. But when it comes to intelligence roles and arguments, you definitely want him on your side. His debate skills always drive a better deal for that new piece of much-needed armor. With such an outstanding resume, it’s no wonder Erik is our Tiefling sorcerer.

Matt’s wisdom and knowledge would make Gandalf tremble. Matt plays the mind game, using deep knowledge of literature and magic to decimate our foes. His appearance is deceptive, but to underestimate him is a sore mistake. Using spells of dark descent and risky outcome he helps us obliterate all the orcs and goblins before us. Still, he believes in teamwork, always helping us overcome obstacles together through magic and positive encouragement. Knowing the bigger picture, Matt often says, we are not ready for the burden of great knowledge, or the horrors that lie ahead. Honestly, I don’t know what we would do without Matt, our wise Wizard.

There has to be a positive personality who brings a laugh to the group. Ours is Dash. Sometimes Dash is too confident, but his quick wit and incomparable skill with a blade are a wonder.  He definitely uplifts the spirits up of the group, but sometimes he’ll find his own quests, only to rejoin the group days later. He knows all the best inns with food to warm our bellies, and always has a good tale to tell. Without him, our group would be lost, but just the same, we are often delayed because of him. Dash is our rogue Halfling.

Given his name is a type of tree, Teak likes the outdoors. His love and knowledge of the wild is a necessity for any adventuring band. Off the  the beaten path Teak tracks the orc-party or scouts ahead to spot the dragon. From the day I met him, I knew he could shoot better than anyone else and he has never  proven me wrong. His accuracy with a bow is vital to our quest, able to drop the undead from afar. His  connection with the natural world keeps us safe from its harsh conditions. Our group would have failed long ago if it weren’t for Teak’s ready smile and invaluable skills. He is Teak, our Half-elven ranger.

Every group needs a little wild and crazy. Without a doubt, this is Kohl. He’s always after a good time, and can be absolutely insane sometimes, but he knows his business. His Elvish heritage makes him quite clever. Kohl fierce combat skill skills make him good to have around when we seek passage the Elven King’s lands. Many times, we have witnessed Kohl lay waist to hordes of goblins. I always want Kohl on my side in battle. Kohl is our half-orc warrior.

There is always a group member who is a little mysterious, and apart from the rest. But who is the mysterious member of our group?Anthony.  Anthony has a way of fixing relationships with other parties by saying the right thing when it’s needed most. He is kind and friendly, but don’t be fooled. On the battlefield Anthony confuses opponents, inflicting more more fool than pain on his adversaries. Anthony has gotten us out of many a frightful situation. Hence, I am thankful for our mysterious trickster, Anthony.

Then there is me. I am outgoing, yet I hide in the shadows until it’s time to strike. I am efficient. In fact, I like homework as much as I like assassinations. My greatest ability hiding my dark side, because I am an actor by trade. Despite this, I try to bring comedy and cheer to the group in the big dark world out there. Deep in the dungeons, torches may dwindle leaving you with only the flicker of your own smile to keep you company. I am Ollie, master of stealth and assassination.

There you have it, our merry band of adventures. But we are not in this journey alone; everyone has their own party. So look around you and spot your own group. Whom will you tackle the college quest with? And, most importantly, don’t forget to let us know about your reckless band in the comments!

-Ollie, Master of Stealth and Assassination
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