360 Degree Video and Sneak Peak into Country?! No Way!


Sudha Reynolds

New Country

Great new music has recently launched from the country scene! Jason Aldean released 9 from Broken Bow Records on November 22. Carly Pearce and Lee Brice released multiple videos for their single “I Hope You’re Happy Now” from Big Machine Label Group on September 27. Multiple videos have been released for “I Hope You’re Happy Now” since September.

Jason Aldean

The album, 9, takes us through romantic stories that provoke feelings everyone can relate to. It follows the familiar style of Jason Aldean, that takes us through a variety of songs throughout 9. This is a captivating album that spans 16 songs, that complete his ninth studio album.

“We Back” is a wonderful song that is full of energy! It could bring a crowd to life! I really enjoy the every day feeling I get that makes me want to kick off my sandals and run in the dirt. From the start of the song, we know that they are living a life of any ‘ol working class person. We understand that when he says “gettin’ picked up in a pickup and kickin’ it with guys like us.” They are getting on top of their game, like many of us are throughout our lives.

The video for “We Back”, which features a 360 degree camera, is a huge amount of fun to interact with. It switches between multiple angles creating an on stage experience with the musicians. “We Back” is best when watched full screen, on a laptop or computer.

Jason Aldeans’ youtube channel which showcases the complete album

Jason Aldean tour

Carly Pearce and Lee Brice

“I Hope You’re Happy Now” released on September 27 from Carly Pearce and Lee Brice. Carly Pearce created this song, later inviting Lee Brice to take on vocals with her. I thoroughly enjoy listening to this song, as it is lyrically interesting. It takes on a kinder spin with the topic of breakups. The style of the music video is so gripping because it tells the story from the perspective of both partners. The style reminds me of other music videos, such as one from Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez in particular. The music video for “I Hope You’re Happy Now” connects and delights me with its twist, wherein one is dating and the other is single. When watching the video, I felt a relatable somberness to one of the characters.

I find it very interesting to hear how the artists view or want others to view their music. It’s like painting a deer into a dimly-lit field. Carly Pearce and Lee Brice explain their thoughts behind “I Hope You’re Happy Now” in an intriguing video.

Carly Pearce tour

Lee Brice tour