Aaron Watson Takes the Country Dance to The Depot


Sudha Reynolds

Aaron Watson gave an energetic performance at The Depot this past weekend, January 17th! He headlined the show and brought in a large swarm of cowboys and cowgirls.

The night started out with a meet & greet, giving some of us the opportunity to get a photo with Aaron Watson. They only gave us a moment to say hello. The meet & greet felt too brief, given how quick he was to say hello to each fan. Regardless, it was a great experience to meet a well-appreciated country artist.

Live Performance

The instruments of the band paired wonderfully with Aaron Watson’s vocals. The fiddle especially caught my attention. It added great rhythm to the live performance, livening up the crowd. There were fast paced fiddle solos performed for the crowd as well.

I was so moved by how the band brought the music to life, with Aaron Watson controlling the crowd. He had the audience members hooting for more and singing with the music. The entire night was a wild party!

As this was my first country concert to attend, I was uncertain as to what to expect. The crowd was fairly mixed. Many people showed up in a mixture of everyday clothes while others showed up wearing country clothes, boots and hat. There were much fewer people whom got completely dressed up for the Friday night. As anyone who has been to concerts may know, it is quite tiresome to attend a concert wearing a cute dress and stilettos. Within the concert venue, the entire crowd was having a great time dancing with the music and throwing their drinks up.

Tip for attending a country concert? Wear any clothes that are comfortable, but mix it up for the genre if desired. Throwing on a hat and pair of boots doesn’t heighten the experienced by that much, unless they are platform boots. This tip could apply to any concert.


Watson gave great performances throughout the set that included “July in Cheyenne” and “Run Wild Horses.” The set list gave a great variety and was so lively! The song “Run Wild Horses” is one of my favorites of his and hearing him perform it live got me so excited. Many of us in the crowd danced, bringing the music to life. I would definitely go to a country concert again, after attending Aaron Watson’s show!