Alter Bridge Perform Songs Off Their Latest Album, “Walk the Sky”


Sudha Reynolds

Alter Bridge performed at The Depot on February 18, bringing together many rock fans. They gave an amazing show that was full of energy from both them and the crowd! The Walk the Sky tour brought out Deepfall and Clint Lowry, who opened up for Alter Bridge. While attending show like this, I am constantly meeting new people and discovering new music. Music has a tremendous quality of bringing people together from all walks of life.

The Show

The venue was packed with people throughout the night. A multitude of rock and roll fans filled The Depot to enjoy a great night of music. The two opening bands were great! Their performances brought the energy for the crowd who had a lot of energy to let out.

Alter Bridge

It was a full party when Alter Bridge emerged on stage. They performed songs from throughout their 16-year music career mostly off their latest album. Walk the Sky was released in October of 2019 from Napalm Records. They showcased much of their new music to the crowd.

“Dying Light”, off of their latest album, was one of my favorites that was performed. As well as a couple older songs such as, “Days Gone By” and “When I’m Gone.” All were crowd favorites that got the concertgoers really into the music. “When I’m Gone” was a beautiful acoustic performance that won my heart! Many in the crowd were entrance with the beauty of the acoustic guitar and vocals.

The Band

The whole band was fantastic throughout their set! It was a great show seeing musicians that I have been following for years. Both apart of Alter Bridge and in other project. Mark Tremonti played great guitar alongside Brian Marshall, the bassist. Tremonti has solo music he has released separate from Alter Bridge. The lead singer, Myles Kennedy, has a number of separate projects including one with Slash. It’s beautiful to see what these artists create together as a band and with other musicians.