Concert Review: Hippie Sabotage


Zoe Gottlieb, Intern

Hippie Sabotage held little back in the Salt Lake City stop of their Direction of Dreams tour held at the Union Event Center on Saturday, March 7th. The dynamic duo of Jeff and Kevin Saurer, with their long gnarled hair and No-cal hippie vibes, were virtually indistinguishable from each other as they cruised the stage together, urging the crowd to get up on their feet.  

The Venue 

I was instantly hit with nostalgia when I pulled up to the Union Event Center. The outside of the building looks homey, like those portable classrooms we all grew to love in middle school. Electric blue light and sounds pulsing from onstage helped lead the way for patrons. 

First Impressions

Shortly after rousing the crowd with their chant, “I don’t give a **** what”,  the pair entered into their first song. A screen projection behind them morphed into a series of colorful kaleidoscope images. The set list structure followed a sort of hero’s journey. Sea-blue themes began the journey and gradually descended into violent and clashing reds as the brothers took on their metaphorical villain. Jeff Saurer, in particular, spent much of his time onstage strumming melodic guitar riffs. While Kevin Saurer riled up the audience with his charismatic command. 

Halfway through the evening, Hippie Sabotage brought back their remixed rendition of “Habits (Stay High)” by Tove Lo. Their take on the hit song marked the beginning of Hippie Sabotage’s venture into notoriety. “Drifter”, a 2017 release, is also a popular favorite among fans. 

Final Thoughts 

Hippie Sabotage is known overall for its instrumental approach to music. The songs flowed together seamlessly with all traces of beginnings and ends done away with. The experimental, fluid approach to making music is what characterizes Hippie Sabotage as an eclectic group, fun for all ages to enjoy.