Emo Night Tour Brought Out Fans in Salt Lake City


Sudha Reynolds

The Emo Night Tour performed at the Urban Lounge this past weekend. They gave a great show, in front of a completely sold out crowd! The Seafloor Cinema opened up the show, creating a start to finish wild night.

Emo Night Tour Excitement

Prior to attending this show, I had heard of the Emo Night Tour. It had been a wild show that went across the nation, drawing in crowds of emo fans. People that listen to rock, metal and punk came together to have a great night with others of similar music taste. People dress in emo styled clothes and makeup when attending the show. Dyed hair and tattoos are a definite. Covers of familiar ’90s and ’00s hits are performed all night.

Upon finally attending Emo Night Tour, as per a friends’ recommendation, I experienced the rumors I had been hearing. What I have heard rang true at my Emo Night Tour experience. A mix of music lovers filled the floor. A mismatched group of emos, goths and punks packed the place and danced together. By the end of the night, the energy was through the roof of the urban lounge.

Musical Experience

DJs were already spinning when the doors opened. People started to stream in as the music blasted from the stage. Some started grabbing drinks and shimmying their way onto the dance floor. The music kept the night upbeat and exciting. After a fair amount of people had entered the venue, the DJs left the stage to make way for the opening act. The Seafloor Cinema performed cover songs that grabbed the audience. The entire band got the crowd very excited with a united energy. The Seafloor Cinema performed two exciting sets, one before and one after the Emo Night Tour.

Emo Night Tour took the stage, inviting fans up along with them. The fans showed their love for the music while dancing with each other on stage. They got on and off the stage in waves. This was the most action-packed part of the night. The audience was able to get involved in the action, making a great experience for everyone at the show.

Crowd Involvement

The fan involvement was definitely a huge part of the Emo Night Tour! I was not aware of how much the fans were involved before I had attended. Some started dancing wildly before the dance floor got too packed. They pulled others in from the side to party on the empty dance floor. But it did not stay empty for very long as people continued to stream in. It became the center of action where the whole crowd jumped and sang along. They later overtook the stage breaking the wall between band and crowd. It was an exciting night for fans and showed how passionate people are for music!