Everything to do Outside of the Treefort Music Festival


Sage Holt

Treefort Is Coming!! I know, I know, I know you log on to kuteradio.org to look for the most recent album review, or to read about that concert you recently missed. But today!  is special because ladies and gents, today we get to talk about the best music festival to exist since Woodstock. Yes, you know it, I know it and sure as god’s god sandals, K-UTE Radio will bring you everything you need to know about Treefort.  If your reading this and have NO CLUE what’s going on check out some other Treefort articles Here: https://kuteradio.org/?s=treefort


However, this article will be less on the actual ongoings of the festival and more about the rad things to do in Boise surrounding Treefort.  As a 3rd year returnee for the festival, I’ve been around the Boise block a few times and these are my favorite places to go that you don’t need a ticket for.

Hands down my favorite restaurant in Boise and honestly possibly my favorite restaurant ever. This is saying a lot because I love food, more than I love my Lulu Lemon Leggings, and if you know me that’s a serious statement but, back to the point.  Between the streets of Idaho and Main there lies a small black building labeled Cal 75 Street Tacos, and within it lies the best burrito you will ever have. It’s called “The Green Pig”, now I can’t tell you the specific ingredients but, I can only imagine they are as follows. Sugar, spice everything nice, the best nostalgic memories of your childhood, Neil Armstrong’s left nut, unicorn dreams and most likely copious amounts of cocaine due to the burrito’s highly addictive nature. I’m serious! the last time I stayed in Boise, 3 out of 4 meals ended in that burrito.

But when I’m not stuffing my face with burritos, I love to spend hours in a store kiddie corner to Cal 75. The Record Exchange is simply across the street and within it lies all sorts of wacky wonders. One half of the shop devoted to random knick-knacks like jewelry, incense sticks, stickers, various clothes, cards and random stationery and a wall of child inspired toys. It’s basically an adult’s wonderland. The other half of the store is where you can find just about any piece of music ever recorded in varying formats. From records to cd’s cassettes and even 8-tracks…. yea! you read that right. And for those of you know don’t know what an 8-track is…… you can stop reading now. It’s a music lover paradise, every time I go in there, I spend at least 100$ and, then both my conscience and bank account hate me.

But if spending copious amounts of money on records isn’t your thing there are lots of other things to spend your money on. Just off of the main street on 8th street there’s a wicked cool game store called “All About Games” where you can pick up anything from puzzles to the Settlers of Catan. Down the street from that shop is the cutest little book store with a charm that is as captures you like a deer in the headlights. Stop by browse a bit and make sure to talk to the employees, you’ll find that one of them has the voice of an angel and you’ll never want to stop conversing with them. 

These are just a few of my favorites but I will most definitely release more cool places of Boise in the future, in the meantime happy Treefort! Tickets on sale now, March 25-29 2020.