Ghetto Sage: Midwest’s newest hip hop group forms


Kyle Atkinson

Nowadays it seems like new hip hop groups are formed every week with the crazy amount we have now. While that may be true, that doesn’t mean that they are all worth listening to. However, we’ve got a new group fresh out of the midwest by way of Chicago and St. Louis called Ghetto Sage.  

Who is Ghetto Sage?

Ghetto Sage is a brand new group, literally formed three days before this was written on October 14th. The group consists of St. Louis’ own Smino, as well as Chicago spitters Saba and Noname. If you are unfamiliar with these three artists, they each bring their own distinct sound to the rap game. Read on to get a little background on each member and a few of their individual songs to check out. 


Saba is a Chicago native who’s been on the scene for about 7 years just steady working. He’s released several projects including various mixtapes and studio albums here and there. He released one of my favorite albums of last year, which you can read about here. Saba has been one of my favorite artists for years now and I can’t vouch for him enough. Here are some Saba songs to check out: “Burnout”, “Stay Right Here”, “Busy/Sirens”, and his feature on Dreamville’s “Sacrifices”. Funnily enough, “Sacrifices” also features fellow Ghetto Sage member Smino. 



Smino is, as he mentions in multiple songs, straight from St. Lou. You can hear the city’s influence in his music, and that is a huge positive. The midwestern MC is becoming a vet in the game at this point with his prolific release tendencies. My favorite thing about Smeezy is his versatility; the man can rap over any beat and make it sound catchy. I am dying to attend one of his concerts in the future and you’ll see why after you check his music. Here are a few Smino songs to check out: “Netflix & Dusse”, “LMF”, “Glass Flows”, and his latest solo track “Reverend”.  


Noname is another Chicago native with a serious flow and artistic ability. She’s been on the scene for quite a while now and is well respected in her city and the game in general. Noname released what many consider a classic in Telefone in 2016. She has a very relaxed flow and a great way with words. She is without a doubt one of the best female MCs out there and is a great addition to Ghetto Sage. Here are a few Noname tracks: “Yesterday”, “Forever”, “Window”, and her feature on Chance the Rapper’s “Lost”.       

What can we expect from them?

As with most hip hop groups that form, the artists have worked together in the past. This is true for Ghetto Sage and the songs they have made together are absolutely great. There’s “Shadow Man” from Noname’s project Telefone, as well as “Ace” from Room 25. Their styles mesh together so well and account for some of the most beautiful tracks of the last few years. 

As for official group tracks, Ghetto Sage dropped their first single called “Häagen Dazs” on October 16th. After hearing this single, I am very hyped for an album from these three and hope that it drops soon. It is sure to be high quality and very versatile!  

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