“Ginger” album review: Brockhampton’s magnum opus


Roberto Elguera

BROCKHAMPTON releases the newest installment to their ever-growing discography, titled Ginger, and it does not disappoint.

Ginger is the group’s sixth project and it proves that they are here to stay. Long gone are the days of the all the members cramming under one roof. Members are now living in their own houses and apartments. It looks like the RCA record label deal of fifteen million dollars has been treating the boys right. No amount of money, distance, and or drama can stop them. I don’t know how they do it, but anything they drop is always phenomenal. Never a bad project from these guys.

The record is filled with versatility, as is expected when going into a BROCKHAMPTON album. The intro “NO HALO”; is a chilling and honest track that puts on full display the group’s imperfections. The track is transparent with tales of failed relationships, substance abuse, and dealing with being famous, accompanied with a constant and hopeful refrain of, “I’m sure I’ll find it.” Immediately after the intro track, the record takes a sweet turn with the following track, “SUGAR”. The song captures how it feels to be longing for your significant other and the feeling you get when you are finally in their presence again.

Don’t get it twisted though, the album isn’t just filled with melancholy tunes and love songs. Tracks like “BOY BYE”, “ST. PERCY”, and “IF YOU PRAY RIGHT” are reminiscent of the Saturation trilogy, with the group portraying their rap skills creating a gauntlet of verses coming from every direction. All tied down with the production by Romil, Jabari, and Kiko, it creates a captivating listening experience from beginning to end.

On this project, the group feels stronger and more self-aware than ever. Merlyn’s energy and zaniness are ever so present. You can’t help but get out of your seat when he gets on the mic. Bearface is even rapping more and has more of his angelic vocals blessing us throughout the project. Joba continues to show his versatility and uniqueness in his rapping and singing. Matt Champion’s flow is unmatched. Dom’s word play and story-telling shines; especially on “DEARLY DEPARTED”, and Kevin ties it all together with catchy hooks and melodies. Guest features also make the cut with Deb Never, Ryan Beaty, and UK rapper slowthai having the whole song “HEAVEN BELONGS TO YOU”, all to himself. Closing off the album is “Victor Roberts II” on the last track.

Ginger gives us what we love about the group and emphasizes each member’s individual strengths. The album has plenty of playback value, with “SUGAR” being the most popular song on the album. They still experiment with different sounds, merging together southern hip-hop, G-funk, experimental, and pop to create what I think is their best project to date. I give the project a 10/10.

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