Hip hop predictions 2020: /r/hiphopheads edition

Hip hop predictions 2020: /r/hiphopheads edition

Kyle Atkinson

I’ve mentioned this before, but I need to reiterate that Reddit is a wonderful place for discussion and involvement. There are subreddits for nearly anything you can think of. I’d suggest creating an account and finding communities that interest you. Thankfully, the music community is booming on the site and for good reason. For me, an especially prominent community is /r/hiphopheads as I use often. It’s a subreddit dedicated to all things hip hop from new music drops, dope artists, hip hop predictions, and general meme-worthy discussion.

Being on the site nearly every day, I find amazing threads quite often. One that especially stood out to me was this post from late 2019. “/r/hhh predicts 2020 in hip-hop” is filled with users giving their hot takes for this year in the genre. I read the thread for quite a long time while being fascinated with the many predictions and their replies. Here are some of my favorite predictions from /r/hhh and my own predictions for hip hop in 2020.

Predictions from /r/hiphopheads  

Courtesy of /u/oprapiid, these predictions definitely seem like they’re possible. The TDE albums have been in the works for some time and I think it’s finally time that they release. Frank Ocean could drop at any time, but let’s hope that time is in 2020. We’ll have to see about the rest, but this user seems to be a very reasonable predictor!

These predictions from /u/YeezusAndUnited are actually very interesting. I think this user is on point with their Kanye take, even though it disagrees with mine that you’ll find below. I would love it if Tyler the Creator and ASAP Rocky dropped their collab album WANG$AP, but I don’t know if I see it happening. We’ll just have to wait and see!

This final set of predictions comes to us from /u/ILIKESMELLINGMYFEET. These predictions are very exciting, especially the ones about Carti, Uzi, and Yachty. I’m a fan of all three and those are my dream scenarios I’m not sure I agree with the Kendrick prediction, but I could be wrong. Cozy Tapes Vol.3 would be a welcome surprise however! 

My predictions

Here are the predictions that I’ve come up with for 2020. Let me know what you think of them and if they’re realistic, likely, or just plain dumb.

  • [EASY MODE]: We receive a new Drake album with, you guessed it, every track charting and multiple top 10 hits.
  • [HARD MODE]: Don Toliver drops his debut album and continues to blow up. He becomes nearly a household name to hip hop fans by the end of the year with multiple high charting Billboard tracks.  
  • [NOSTRADAMUS]: Freddie Gibbs and Madlib use songs from the Bandana sessions as well as new tracks to release Montana much faster than the previous two installments of the series.
  • [WISHFUL THINKING]: We finally receive Childish Gambino’s long-awaited new album in time for summer 2020.
  • [GOD PLEASE]: Kanye West abandons the religious shtick and drops another critically acclaimed album akin to the scrapped(?) Yandhi.

Your predictions

Now that you’ve heard some of Reddit’s predictions as well as mine, I want to hear what you think. What will happen in hip hop in 2020? It is sure to be a huge year, but we never know what will happen. Hit me up in the comments or on my Instagram @youngthuggamanekyle with your predictions. I’ll share the best ones on my story!

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