Icon For Hire’s Fantastic Fan Base!


Sudha Reynolds

Icon For Hire played a show at Kilby Court on November 13th, bringing in their dedicated fanbase. Amy Guess opened up for them with a wonderful performance. This set the stage for Icon For Hire with both bands touching on heartfelt subjects.

The Concert

… lasted into the late hours of the night and was packed with energy and dedication. Lead singer Ariel Bloomer had the crowd jumping and waving their hand with the beat. The show got a little crazy and was a very fun concert to attend. The fans were rocking out to the music and I could feel the love they had for Icon for Hire. Amy Guess reappeared onstage for one acoustic song, “Too Loud.” This was a surprise and the crowd loved it. It gave us a beautiful experience! I absolutely loved seeing how both bands were able to collaborate and perform a song with each other!


The Fans

Icon For Hire is known for having a very loyal fan base. They have active fan interaction while on tour and while at home creating music. They are constantly pumping out new tunes for eager fans they’ve accumulated over the last decade. Comprised of Ariel Bloomer and Shawn Jump, the independent alt-rock band call their own shots, making music for themselves and their strong fan base.

The bond among the fans is so powerful that it brought many in the crowd closer together. They sang along with Ariel, jumped up and down and screamed for encores. The fan dedication alone would keep me returning to Icon For Hire concerts time and time again!

Interview with Ariel

Sudha and Aaliyah recently sat down with Ariel of Icon For Hire. The full details of which to be published on K-Ute’s blog. Unfortunately, we only had the chance to speak with Ariel, since Shawn was feeling a little under the weather. In the interview we discuss a variety of topics including romance, song inspirations and Swedish upbringing, to name a few. From small talk discussions about favorite coffee shops, to diving into the relationship between Ariel and Shawn, this interview provides a close up look at Icon For Hire as they stopped by Salt Lake City.

Find the remaining tour dates here http://iconforhire.net/tour/

Photos by Sage Holt