K-UTE meets the U of U student entrepreneur behind @StreetTeamCycling

K-UTE meets the U of U student entrepreneur behind @StreetTeamCycling

Tyki Rose

During my days working as a sacrificial lamb for the downtown Salt Lake City location of Jimmy John’s, I was exposed to a large and vibrant community of people that make a living on their bikes! I recently got to sit down with an old Jimmy co-worker for a live interview on kuteradio.org to hear what the gang has been up to and about their newest business venture!

@StreetTeamCycling is a brand new cycling centered subscription service hatched from the young minds of student-entrepreneurs at the University of Utah. Meet @ChefColeSendsIt and @NateeHoward; experts in Jimmy John’s bike delivery, seniors in the School of Design at the U of U, and founders of Street Team Cycling!

You can credit the team’s humble passion for riding as the inspiration behind Street Team Cycling. Anybody that rides a lot or works from their bike is in a constant fight against the elements and entropy. Although quite less expensive than a car, bikes are not at all cheap. Trying to keep your bike in top shape while working from it can be a drain on your pocket. And as many other entrepreneurs got their start, Cole and Nate identified a problem and set out for a solution.

How does it work?

The love child, now known as the “Street Team”, is a monthly subscription care package service made by fellow bike workers and tailored especially to bike couriers, delivery cyclists, or any other down right bike fanatics. For a charge of $35, Street Team Cycling sends you a monthly care package stocked with over $50 of quality bike gear. This subscription service provides avid cyclists access to a selection of brand new accessories, tools, and components each month to help keep their rides fresh and clean.

Never worry about getting the same thing twice as care packages change monthly and are updated with the seasons. This past winter, the Street Team partnered up with bike company Musgard to provide care package subscribers with easy-to-attach fenders to help keep them dry! Special thanks to other partners: Irwin Cycling, Marque Cycling, and Hifi Components for providing the quality merchandise behind this brand new service made by cyclists, especially for cyclists.

Follow this link to listen to the full interview and learn more about Cole, the visionary behind Street Team Cycling! Connect with the guys from the team on Instagram @StreetTeamCycling and join the wave that is sweeping the streets of the nation!