New End of the Year Music from Asking Alexandria


Sudha Reynolds

Asking Alexandria threw new music our way on December 27. Lp5 DLX, is the deluxe version of their self-titled 5th album from Sumerian Records originally released in 2017. They re-released all original 13 songs and added 6 bonus tracks. It creates such an exciting end to the year! New music to rock out to?! I’m in! Are you?


It was so fun to listen to these new versions beside the older ones. It’s captivating to hear how Asking Alexandria changed their songs before releasing them again. I was already a fan of their self-titled album and am loving listening to many of these new songs all day long. Some versions take on dance spins, and others strip down to an acoustic version. They all have me listening in an all out jam!

Song Run-Through

Five new versions of songs come out on Lp5 DLX. They showcase the original demo version of the song “Rise Up”. It takes on a beautiful style which is similar to the final version. It gives us a raw feeling that connects with the harsh guitars and vocals of Asking Alexandria.

They also released “Perfect”, a cover of Ed Sheerans‘ “Perfect.”. This is the only cover on the album and is live from the SiriusXM studios. It takes us through an acoustic, mellow version of the song as the guitar plays captivating melodies. The instruments work so well with the melody of Danny Worsnop’s voice.

A Dex Luthor remix of “Alone in a Room” was released months ago. They also included an acoustic version of the track. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the three versions of this song side by side by side. The Dex Luthor version of the song has a dancey upbeat vibe. It emits a feeling that is not quite the same as being in a room alone. It is quite fun to listen to compared with the other versions of “Alone in a Room.”

You can listen to the most recent re-released songs here and stream LP5 DLX from their website.