New Head Banging Metal Songs


Sudha Reynolds

This past week there have been a few new bangers that were released! Bringing you metal from around the world, it is time to shake that head and rock out! This is a great way to get back into the flow of school as well as listen to new tunes. Turn up the volume on these heavy rockers! The band pictured to the right is Unleash the Archers, whose single “Heartless world” came out on October 11th.

Jinjer – “On the Top”

Macro out October 25 via Napalm Records

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This band is constantly evolving and adding to their sound. They bring in the new album with their newest single, “On the Top”. We follow harsh vocals and sections of melodic breaks. The video shows the band in performance with a story as the narratives switch. The scenery is kept the same with an intense green hue. The story of what it feels like to be lonely and make it big is told through “On the Top”. The character seeks to make it as a dancer all the while risking pain on the way up.

Unleash the Archers – “Heartless World”

Explorers EP via Napalm Records

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“Heartless World” is the second single released this year following “Northwest Passage”. These songs come off their two song EP, Explorers, which hints at being a teaser for further music to come. This follows their usual style with heavy, fast-paced instruments and low vocals from Brittany Slayes. “Heartless World” tells the story of an individual whom goes through painful times. The song starts with slow and vibrant guitars, drawing out the melody before bringing us into a full metal swing. Unleash the Archers is a band I personally love. They do not get as much exposure as they deserve, as they are well worth a listen!


Infected Rain – “Black Gold”

Endorphin out October 18 via Napalm Records

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We follow the growth of Infected Rain as they continue to crank out pit-mashing music! They maintain their heavy screams throughout the songs while adding a dash of melody. We’re hearing more overall melody from Infected Rain and vocal variety from Lena Scissorhands. The instruments stay fast and intense, crashing into each other with fierce energy. The music video focused on Lena as she begins to drip gold in a darkly set environment. It follows a simple plot that keeps listeners captivated!

Thousand Below – “Alone (Out of My Head)”

Gone in Your Wake out October 11 via Rise Records

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From the recently released album, Gone in Your Wake, we have the video for “Alone (Out of My Head)”. The entirety of this album revolves around what it feels like to lose a lover. The lyrics are direct as they tell the elements of losing someone they used to love. This song is a melodically, beautiful rock song that examines an emptiness anew. We follow the band as they perform their song in a rain drenched environment. The rain looks to be a metaphor for the feeling of trying to forget someone that previously meant a lot.