New Metal Releases of April 7th


Sudha Reynolds

Looking for good metal music to catch up to? Get lost with these new April releases from Alestorm, Wednesday 13 and Visions of Atlantis! We’ll start things off with some laughs and good days.


A single off Alestorms’ upcoming album was released from Napalm Records. “Treasure Chest Party Quest” gives you your daily dose of laughter. Dare to open the chest of partying pirates, as they dress in offset attire! The beginning displays a strange birth scene that goes back in time to when this baby pirate picked up his first bottle of alcohol.

About this song Alestorm says, “this song is about giving birth to yourself, selling out, and driving awful Yugoslavian cars. All the classic elements of pirate metal!”

Pre-order Curse of the Crystal Coconut out May 29th, 2020.

Wednesday 13

The lyric video for “The Hearse” was released from Nuclear Blast Records. This comes off their most recent album, Necrophaze. As a 2019 release, these are songs that have been heard by Wednesday 13 fans.

A spooky theme is displayed throughout the video. The dark facial makeup is so well done, inciting a thrill among viewers. Coffins enhance this spooky feeling.

Visions of Atlantis

An acoustic version of “Nothing Lasts Forever” was released by Visions of Atlantis. It comes off their latest album, Wanderers from Napalm Records. With their tour being cancelled due to national circumstances, they also created an acoustic video.

The guitar solo is quite elegant. We see a complete vision of all band members with a touch of something soft. They perform in an indoor and outdoor setting, which compliment each other well. It reminds us how we can enjoy our time in both environments during this national hardship. Beautiful nature is just a hike away.