Santigold at the Gallavin Center


Joseph Moss

Santigold, formerly known as Santogold, is an American singer, songwriter, and producer. Receiving the start of her fame from her critically acclaimed debut album Santogold. She went on to tour with M.I.A. and later went on her first tour called Goldrush Tour. Afterwords Santigold would help and perform on shows with Jay-z and Kanye West


On August 30th, 2019, in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City, concertgoers filled Gallivan Center fora fantastic show. The last show of the 2019 Twilight Concert Series hosted Santigold. All I can say is that they definitely went out with a bang. As the blazing sun finally came to a rest after a long day, we saw the massive LCD screen in the back of the stage lit up with the name we’ve all been waiting for. 

Moments later we saw our headliner come out in a dazzling gold dress. Definitely a fitting color. Immediately she started her set rocking out with her band. The guitarist slamming out chords, drummer beating his heart out, and then Santigold already showing us her impressive range. The crowd shouted and did their best to sing along with her even if she outclassed many of them. Santi loved the energy and used it to fuel the rest of her show.

However the rock and roll did not stay for long. Just as effortlessly as the show started, she changed the genre. Shifting to a smoove and calming reggae. Again we saw her range, prolonging her notes as long as she wanted, swaying herself side to side with each note. The LCD screen changed to some artwork that was fitting with the current mood. Also the crowd reacted perfectly to the change of tone, swaying back and forth in sync with 


As we reached towards the end of her set there was one last change, this time to R&B. Santigold planted herself in the middle of the stage, and sung her heart out. Hitting highs that called for roars of cheer from the crowd, and just as easily as well as impressing, going lower than most male artists can get. Everyone loved her and she repaid that by playing one more song after going off stage just to come back. All in all, it was an amazing show. 


Other then the amazing performance we received, one of the biggest highlights was her interaction with the crowd. It went beyond just “When I say hey, you say hello.” She went on with a couple stories about some of the songs she performed, laughing and dancing to cheers she would get, even joking that she was out of shape. She also brought out a bunch of dancers on stage with her in the middle of a song. 

Even if not being a fan before-hand, I would definitely cop her albums now and go to her next show in SLC.