Sleeper Sundays: Edition 1 – Corporate Lingo


Adam Proffit

Welcome to Sleeper Sundays, the first in a series of posts where I spotlight artists that are on the come-up and that the music industry is sleeping on.

Enter Corporate Lingo, self-made Atlanta based rapper/producer/civil engineer, chasing the bread with his degree, but also part-time rapper making his way through the cutthroat music industry. I mention the civil engineer bit because it plays into the “corporate” in his name and evolution of his sound.

Lingo’s beginnings

Lingo’s musical background started young as he played rock and jazz through high school. It later progressed to his rap career after he started opening shows rapping for the band he was with, King Guru. He later released his first hip hop project with the band, Gypsy Guru, and branched off on his own from there. Following this, Corporate has steadily switched up his style and flow on his many albums since. I first found Corporate by chance on my Twitter TL from an Adult Swim playlist with his single, “All Day”. The song is over an upbeat and aggressive beat backed by Corporate’s funny but great lyrics and adlibs.

Corporate started out his rap career curating the collective Patio Mob, a group of like-minded artists that went to the same school. He was a rapper/producer and the group grew together, helping him hone his talents in the genre. Apart from that, he’s always connecting with artists in the booming rap scene of Atlanta. One of my favorite feature tracks is Hanzo and 6 Dogs on Lingo’s song “Out 2 Lunch”, self-titled from the album.

His artistic versatility

Upon further delving into his discography, I’ve found him to be an extremely versatile artist. He brings a wide array of sounds to the table. Corporate cites DMX, Rage Against the Machine, The Mountain Goats, and The Exploited as big influences. I would also be remiss to not mention he finds inspiration from old Gucci, Thugger and Young Dolph as well as MikeWillMadeIt for production. All of these make sense sonically for that dirty south sound you’d expect from an Atlanta rapper. Another cool bit of info I found while writing this article is that Lingo draws influence from Death Grips in his production. Here is one of Corporate Lingo’s latest endeavors, “No Option”, a trance pop styled tune that shows off his genre-blending forte.

Corporate Lingo is a fun, eccentric, and refreshing artist.

Shoutout to DatPizz for providing a great interview which helped me write this. Linked below is the full interview as well as links on where to find Corporate Lingo and his music #verycorporate #nosleep. Keep it locked on our blog  for more posts in the Sleeper Sundays series.

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