Songs for the End of the World


Sage Holt


I’m honestly surprised by my apple headphones, despite countless washings and dryings they still continue to work. But as I’m writing to you in my dreary yet warmly lit bedroom there is another thing that continues to work despite many a spin cycle. Through the ups and downs of life, music has always been there for me and there are a few songs that the world needs to hear right now. I will leave links to the songs so you can listen along to my soundtrack for the end of the world. 


“Cat Piano” by Seabear.

This song feels like a sleepy Sunday in fall, you know the one, the one where the sun is perfectly golden all day. There are endless refills of coffee, and everything seems cozy. There’s a childlike charm to the ukelele and xylophone intro that makes me feel like how pastel colors look. Although it’s only 3 minutes long I feel transported for a lifetime to a place where everything is okay. If you enjoy Cat Piano’s soft indie-folk tune, you might also like “Arms” by Seabear as well.

“Something in the Water” by Sea Elephant.

Shout out to local Utah band Sea Elephant and their 90’s inspired sound. Mellow jams with a killer guitar solo, underground indie doesn’t get much better than that. This is the song you hear at a friend’s house, in a basement that’s not quite finished but has an inviting vibe nonetheless. Someone has the aux and this song gives you chills because it fits the mood so well it is as if the band was there themselves, writing about that exact moment.


“Obstacles” by Syd Matters.

This song is a sunrise while camping, it is the sound of the city and night, this is a road trip song, you show this song to the people who really matter to you because they will appreciate it just as much as you. This is the song you play on repeat until you fall asleep. It feels familiar and strange at the same time, there is calm and chaos conveniently wrapped up in 3 minutes and 30 seconds.


“Teenage Kicks” by The Undertones.

I’m no teenager but I still get my kicks. It’s spring and just starting to warm up so when I blare this song in my 2006 Subaru with all the windows down I warm up too. Dark sunglasses and not a care in the world, because when I heard this song I’m on a different planet.

Dear reader, If your anything like me, you can never find a matching sock, now I know that in the functionality of things any two random socks with fulfill the duty of keeping my feet warm but there’s something about that missing sock that makes me think that if somehow I find it, my sock coziness level will infinitely increase. This song is my missing sock, it is the feeling of your first kiss or staying up all night with your friends laughing the night into the sunrise of tomorrow, the memories that you never want to fade away, or perhaps the ones that haven’t happened yet,  patiently waiting for you in the future. And we can be heroes just for one day. – David Bowie.