Artists you need in your playlist: Vinnie Cassius, Blacc E, and Koba44


Roberto Elguera

Recently, Vinnie Cassius, Blacc E, and Koba44 came by the Hip Hop Drip to chop it up and bust a freestyle. Whenever these guys come through, it’s all laughs and good vibes. In this episode, they display styles upon styles for your listening pleasure.

During the podcast, we chopped it up and talked about new music on the way. Vinnie’s new single, “Expenses” displays a new persona by the name of Ferrari $moke. “Ferarri $moke is my experimental side,” says Cassius. This dark and unsteady production along with this new abnormally deep voice that Cassius plays with sounds refreshing. It’s exciting seeing artists experiment with their sound and adds to the anticipation of new music and videos soon to come out.

When it comes to the creative process, it’s all organic. “Everything’s basically family honestly. Just in house. Like literally Adam Banx, does all our engineering and recording,” says Cassius.

Unique music

Banx is all over Koba’s latest EP Prince Of The 8. This brief EP takes no time to show off Koba’s dynamic vocal range. This is prevalent on the trap ballad “Floatin”. The hook, “I’m feeling like I’m floatin in the ocean, are you missing me na na na,” is so catchy and shows off Koba’s higher register.

Small Lake City may not have the biggest hip hop scene but what people can’t take away is our versatility. When asked about how many styles of hip hop are being made by artists in Utah, Koba says “Too many to name.” Black Emergence says, “I think anything you could think of plus anything that you couldn’t.”

Rapper and producer Blacc E shows off his versatile flow on his EP NAPOLEON. The project has an array of beats from collaborator DATBOYGOOD like the hard-hitting intro “Nimbus (Cloud City)” and the eerie bass-heavy “Elm Street”. On the standout track “No More (Guillotine)”, E goes in and out from his normal voice to a deeper tenor. He raps about loyalty to his family and friends and experiencing a SWAT raid as a kid.

In good hands

It’s great to see that the scene is in good hands. The drive that these guys have about their craft and passion creates contagious energy and gets me looking forward to new music and live shows. Check out the full interview and freestyle here.

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