The Adventures of Drusky’s Dating lives


A photo capturing the pure essence of Drusky.

   Recently K-UTE Radio had the chance to go to Sundance, and as I was scoping out all the hot spots for celebrities I ran into to local Utah ones. Hailing from Provo Utah I got the chance to chat with up and coming indie-alternative band Drusky. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard or ran into Drusky. I first heard them at a run down college house in Provo.

Mia (lead vocals and guitar)

The Huset House was one of a kind, where the outcasts and oddballs alike congregated to escape the judgment of a Utahn society. Drusky and I became friends on the roof of the rusting house. I heard their unique melancholy sound and instantly felt attached. After months of trial and error, my efforts to contact Drusky finally succeeded at Sundance. Amidst a sea of people in the Acura Festival Village, the Drunk Huskies were spotted. I caught them just after their set at the Acura festival tent. The Sundance Insitute had reached out to them asking them if they would play an acoustic set for them. Although they have a melancholy sound that doesn’t mean they can’t rock and audience. But for this set, they traded power beats for personable plays. Formed by members Mia Hicken (Vocals and Guitar), Dallin Haslam (bass), and Scott Knutson (drums) Drusky is one hell of a trio with songs formed from adventures and heartbreak.

Drusky at Kilby Court Jan. 28th opening for Housewarming Party.

While discussing love and relationships the topic of Tinder came up, to which mia said she uses tinder dates for the content. But it’s not just Mia who uses tinder, bassist Dallin, recounted a horror story of a tinder date and his ditch efforts to salvage it. Once upon a time in the mysterious land of Provo Utah, Dallin Haslam had a tinder date. It started where every tinder date started a right swipe, soon after a time and place was arranged. Dallin told me his theory similarly, as all roads lead to Rome, all conversations lead to music. Dallin had arrived at “insert girl’s name he doesn’t remember here.” These two have never met each other with the exception of a multitude of texts online. But instantly she began to hate on Pink Floyd, although praising Led Zepplin. Dallin confused began to ask her about more artists. This girl told a complete stranger ie Dallin her insane distaste for well….. life and joy and all things happy in the world. Dallin began recalled all the bands she despises, like the Beatles. You know the creators of Hey Jude and All you need is love. Now it’s one thing to not enjoy a band, but to hate their very existence. I was shocked as he told me the story. But It didn’t stop there, after the dragging of bands was done she began to infernally antagonize memes. The pide and joy of all Millenials and Gen Z’ers. “What is up with this woman! Does she hate happiness and laughter?” 

Drusky at Kilby Court on Jan 28th

Thought Dallin. He endured this for the next 2 hours. Please let us as the music lovers of K-UTE pray for her existence, and for Dallin’s sanity. In the words of Drusky; this dear reader’s, is why tinder should only ever be used for content.

On a Happier note Check out some of  DRUSKY’s kick-ass music here!!! And forget all about Dallin’s infernal Tinder Date.