The hottest sneakers of February 2020


Kyle Atkinson

Over the last decade, sneaker culture has absolutely exploded in popularity. Everyone wants the latest Jordans, Nikes, Adidas, etc. But unfortunately, the sneaker release system is extremely flawed especially with the prevalence of bots. Every once in a while, you can get lucky and cop the latest sneakers if you are fast enough. Sadly, my experience of taking W’s on huge sneaker releases is limited, so take my word for what it’s worth. 

Most months have their hyped shoe releases, but it feels like the lineup of February 2020 sneakers is something entirely different. Due to NBA All Star Weekend being held in Chicago this year, we’re seeing a huge amount of fresh joints drop. Here is a list of some of the most hyped, and my personal favorite, shoe releases of this month. Many of these shoes already came out, but you can check StockX or GOAT to buy them for resell.

Nike SB Dunk Low “Strangelove”

Release date(s): February 8th, 2020

Now these joints are unlike anything I have ever seen in my limited time of being a sneaker fan. Made of textured velvet and suede, these Valentine’s day themed shoes are a must for any Dunk fan. The box is also very dope and it comes with a variety of Strangelove Skateboarding stickers. If you took an L on these, don’t feel alone because I did too. Luckily, Dunks are making a big comeback in 2020 so you’ll have more chances to cop some this year. 

Jordan 1 “UNC To CHI”

Release date(s): February 13th (online), February 14th (worldwide)

The classic Jordan 1 sees many different releases every year and they all manage to bring something fresh. These shoes detail Michael Jordan’s journey from college in North Carolina to the NBA in Chicago. They have dope details including colors fading from signature Carolina light blue to Chicago’s classic red. These were supposed to be a women’s-only release, but many men copped due to them being released up to size 16.5W.

Jordan 5 “Off-White”

Release date(s): February 15th, 2020

If you didn’t already know, Off-White has an extensive collaboration history with Nike/Jordan already. They’ve taken on classic models such as the Jordan 1, Air Force 1, Air Max, and Blazer. Next up in the collab list is their take on the Jordan 5. Outfitted with details including the brand’s signature zip ties, holes in the material, and more, these will sell out fast. I desperately want these but the chances of copping an Off-White collaboration shoe are low. Wish me luck!  

Adidas Stan Smith “Valentine’s Day”

Release date(s): Unknown

The Stan Smith is one of the most famous Adidas models for good reason. It is very versatile and looks good with almost any outfit. See the image below for an example of how fresh it looks.

This new take on the model is very similar to the classic, but with one small added detail. Instead of the typical Stan Smith portrait on the tongue, he is holding a rose in his mouth. The insole of the shoe also has Valentine’s Day imagery that looks dope. These small changes really set this classic off for a new occasion. These were supposed to come out this month in the States, but haven’t surfaced yet. Stay tuned to for more info on their release. 

Nike SB Dunk Low “Cactus Jack”

Release date(s): February 29th, 2020

As I mentioned earlier, Nike SB Dunks are making a huge comeback as of late. Travis Scott is helping with this resurgence with his take on the model. Outfitted in a tearaway blue bandanna pattern and thick laces, these are desired by sneakerheads everywhere. They aren’t the most popular in Travis’ Nike collaboration catalog, but I certainly want them. These will release at the end of the month via the Nike SNKRS app,, or possibly

A busy month

That’s it for my most hyped February 2020 sneakers. Hit me up on Instagram @youngthuggamanekyle and let me know what you’re anticipating!

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