Chixtape 5: What to expect from Tory Lanez’ new project


Kyle Atkinson

Since his initial blow up in 2014, Tory Lanez has become one of the more versatile hip hop artists out there. His unique brand of hip hop that includes R&B, tropical, and latin influences has spread to the mainstream audience through his hit tracks. If you’re unfamiliar with his name, check out “LUV”, “Say It”, “Talk To Me”, and his features on 6ix9ine’s tracks. Nearly all of these charted above #50 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Tory’s come up/The Chixtape series

Now that he’s released three studio albums, Tory Lanez is back with a project that goes back to his roots. As with many hip hop artists, Tory made a hit mixtape and continued to expand on it by making it into a series. That’s how he got his start in the game so it’s only right to go back to his Chixtape series. 

The Chixtape series started in 2011 while Tory was still up-and-coming out of Toronto. He released the next three installments of the series in subsequent years while gaining more traction. The Chixtapes are known for their more R&B-focused sound as compared to the hip hop-oriented The New Toronto series. One reason that this mixed-style approach is so well-received is due to Lanez’ former rival but now friend Drake.     

Chixtape 5 teasers

Since just after the release of Love Me Now? in late 2018, Tory has been teasing Chixtape 5. He’s dropped a few loose songs here and there but none from the actual project. He actually didn’t even fully announce the project’s release window until October 2019, to many fans frustration. Earlier in 2019 before we got a release date for the project, Lanez teased a song that flips a classic T-Pain track. Here’s the link to a preview of that track: 

Luckily for us fans, as of November 8th that song is out as the first official single from Chixtape 5. The track is called “Jerry Sprunger” and is available to stream now. If you like T-Pain at all, especially his old stuff, this track is a must-listen. I can’t give it enough praise because it flips “I’m Sprung” absolutely perfectly. This track has really heightened my expectations for the project, so I’m expecting great things. 

Another way that Tory has teased the project is by all of the different posts he’s made on his Instagram. He claims that the whole project is an ode to the early 2000s, with samples from tracks of that era. After announcing the era that the project is set in, Tory has been posting nothing but 2000s-era fit pics. The comments on these posts have been crazy, with fans nearly dying of anticipation. 

What to expect from Chixtape 5

If it isn’t obvious yet, I think that Chixtape 5 is set to be one of Tory Lanez’ best projects yet. From the song snippets, the visuals, and the overall aesthetic of the project, it is unlike anything he’s done before. Keep your eyes and ears out for Chixtape 5, releasing on November 15th, 2019.  

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