Treefort Dreamin’


Tristan Gunn

As I looked at next year’s lineup for the infamous Treefort Music Festival, I began to panic because I know very little bands that will be performing. How can I justify venturing to Boise Idaho to enjoy a music festival and not know any of the bands? As I reminisced on previous Treefort experiences, I came to realize a very simple truth. This is Treefort. Now I may have just lost you but let me tell you why this obvious truth is so powerful.


When attending a music festival with the intention of seeing an artist you are often given exactly what you expect, a live performance by that artist. However, we can all think back to a time when you were dragged to a show and absolutely fell in love with the artist. When such events happen you take everything in, the clothes worn by the artist, the ambiance of your surroundings, the smells around you (good or bad). These all add up to an event you will remember every time you listen to your new favorite artist.

The most distinct memories of Treefort for me are the ones when I walked into a show blind and walked out with delightful new tunes running through my head. These tunes accompany me as I enjoy the walk through beautiful downtown Boise to the next venue for yet another outstanding memory. Treefort is the ideal place for any type of music listener: those die-hard fans, or those a bit less diverse in their genres. Although my truth is simple, the structure of Treefort supplies its audience with a dynamic environment to experience music in these raw forms. I am extremely excited to fill my head with jolly memories of all the eclectic experiences Treefort has to offer. Tickets are on sale now for the phenomenal experience from March 25 to 29 next year!