Tyler, the Creator delivers astounding performance at The Great Saltair

Tyler, the Creator delivers astounding performance at The Great Saltair

Jameson Williams

On October 8th, 2019, Tyler, the Creator paid a visit to Salt Lake City for his IGOR tour, leaving fans in awe of his commanding stage presence.

Goldlink kicked off the night as the sun set over the Great Salt Lake. He remarked that the Saltair was “the most beautiful venue he’s ever performed”. This was the scene when arriving to the Saltair, I agree with Goldlink.

Next up was Blood Orange who really got the crowd loose with a groovy set. He played some of his hits including “Saint”, one of my personal favorites.

The main event

Tyler, the Creator took the stage around 9:15 PM, kicking off his set with “IGOR’S THEME”. An appropriate track to begin as it is the intro to his album IGOR, and an extremely heavy hitting song in general. The crowd jolted to life, singing the chorus, “ridin’ ‘round town, they gon’ feel this one”. Everyone in attendance really was “feeling this one”. Tyler then performed some more tracks from IGOR before diving into his discography. Some of the highlights came from Tyler’s performance of older tracks like “Yonkers”, “Who Dat Boy”, and “Tamale”. All three of those songs were extremely fun and got the crowd jumping.

Aside from the music, Tyler’s monologues and jokes in between songs made for an entertaining evening. It was almost like watching a musician and a comedian at the same time because of how he interacted with the crowd, even jeering some concert-goers. Tyler addressed “the 15-year-olds moshing to “EARFQUAKE” as “stupid” and eventually told them to “scram”. It was hilarious as everyone laughed and cheered. Tyler continued to halfheartedly mock the crowd throughout the show, but everyone picked up on his jest and reacted in good spirit. Eventually, Tyler said, “I thought this show was gonna be lame…but y’all are actually wild”.

Tyler capped off an incredible set by performing the outro to IGOR, “ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?”. Here’s some footage of the song.

All in all, the IGOR Tour was arguably one of the best concerts I’ve seen this year, with Vince Staples’ Twilight Concert Series show and Kanye West’s Sunday Service coming in at a close second. Overall, the combination of the openers and Tyler, the Creator’s stellar performance completely exceeded my expectations and made for a perfect evening.