Undecided Music interview: 9/16/19

Adam Proffit

In this edition of the Dripcast, Adam and Joseph meet up with Ty and Ethan of Undecided Music. The purpose of this interview was to check back in on their latest endeavors in the SLC music scene. Last time we talked to Undecided was more than a year and a half ago when they were budding up-and-comers. Now they’re back in the studio to let us know what’s good.

We previously worked with them on a K-UTE presents show at Kilby Court featuring fellow local names. Vinnie Cassius, Adam Banks, Lisa Frank, and Pur2x were also at the show. Since then Undecided has done a show at the Loading Dock which popped off with local support. They have continued thriving in the community after that show. In the interview, we discuss some of the local dealings, artists they’ve met, and possible ideas for viral internet fame via starting silly fake beefs or getting ridiculous meme features. These guys have a great sense of humor and it carries well into their music.

Their sound

Musically, singles such as “Dumpster Fire” and “Therapy” started their career off with some heat and established their group as someone to look out for. Since we’ve talked, the group has released two projects. The first was a concept album ONEIRIC and their newest release was the SALT EP. Within the interview you can hear “Midnight” from the older project as well as “Nothin” and their debut single for SALT, “Hello”. As the primary producer of the group, Ethan brings snappy and clever beats. Combined with Ty and fellow members lyricism, they bring out a cohesive sound. From loud and aggressive to soulful and lyrical, Undecided wants to be a versatile group that can do it all. Inside we discuss some of the changes to their sound and where they may be possibly going with it in the future. You can find them on IG @undecided.music and all their music can be found via the link: UNDECIDED Thanks much to the guys for coming in and give them a listen. Support local!