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Interview With Ermiya Fanaeian

Interview With Ermiya Fanaeian

May 27, 2020

https://soundcloud.com/kuteradio/interview-with-ermiya-fanaeien Former ASUU representative, Ermiya Fanaeian, joins us in studio to discuss politics, University of Utah affairs, and more.

Anti-Flag's New Album, 20/20 Vision

Anti-Flag’s New Album, 20/20 Vision

March 3, 2020

Anti-Flag released their most recent album, 20/20 Vision, on January 17th. The album has eleven tracks that give commentary on nationalism, white supremacy, political corruption, and the Trump Administration a...

Judiciary Candidate Cries Over Pen

Judiciary Candidate Cries Over Pen

October 2, 2018

After pulling out his calendar from high school, tearfully mentioning how his dad taught him how to keep his schedule in order, everyone knew the candidate stood a chance against the composed, chilling...

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