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Judiciary Candidate Cries Over Pen

Judiciary Candidate Cries Over Pen

October 2, 2018

After pulling out his calendar from high school, tearfully mentioning how his dad taught him how to keep his schedule in order, everyone knew the candidate stood a chance against the composed, chilling...

“Speak English!” Demands Barely Literate Student

“Speak English!” Demands Barely Literate Student

September 21, 2018

As a white person who wants to "do something" but is also too lazy to critique myself too heavily, I'm curious about the U of U's implicit xenophobia. However, when I researched further, the xenophobia...

Moronic Satire: A Love Letter to Absurdity

Sarah Bischoff

August 27, 2018

Utah is an amalgam of bizarre politics. A few days ago, I drove from Salt Lake to Cedar City, traversing Utah’s broad swatches of nothingness, incredible scenery, and needlepoint Mormon steeples, all under a haze of wildfire smoke. Liberal Bubbles? I was driving to participate in the academic conference of Utah’s Shakespeare Festival, planning to talk about disability in the 400-year-old play, The Tragedy of Richard I...

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