Drip Boys: Fall 2019 podcast #1


Kyle Atkinson

On September 12th, some of K-UTE’s Hip Hop Drip DJs got together for a special episode of the show. For the first time this semester, the Drip Boys got in the studio and recorded a podcast together. Whenever the boys get together it’s a special occasion. Our podcasts always come with a bunch of laughs, good discussions, hot takes, and much more. 

The way the Drip Boys like to record podcasts probably isn’t the typical process that you’ve heard of before. Many podcasts are extremely planned out to the “T” with not a lot of room for error. But for us, podcasts are usually straight off the dome with no written or planned content beforehand. 

We think that this style of recording makes for an entertaining product compared to something that is very planned out. We enjoy seeing where the conversation heads organically and then going from there. There may be the occasional mistake, but nothing that takes away from the podcast as a whole.   

Points of discussion

In this first episode we discussed many things, from the women of the rap game to Drake’s beef with Pusha T and his ability to make another classic album with much more in between. Many points are made by our DJs and we enjoy hearing different thoughts on many topics that surround hip hop.  

Listen here

Click the link below to listen to the podcast and let us know what you think in the comments or on our social media sites (linked below).


If you have any hip hop-related topics that you think we should discuss in our next episode, please hit us up on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter! We’d love to know what you want us to talk about because we have DJs that are very knowledgeable in the different eras, styles, and aspects of hip hop.