Drip Boys: Spring 2020 podcast #2


Roberto Elguera and Kyle Atkinson

Hello and we’re back on the drippiest podcast known to man. The Dripcast is back with another one, shout out to DJ Khaled! On this episode we cover a lot of different topics, not just music. You can hear us talking about Super Smash Bro characters, our experiences at local concert venue The Complex, and much more. If you’re under six-foot, you know the struggle at The Complex.

Later in the episode, we get to talking about the state of R&B. Berto defends against any Jacquees slander. But we all come to an agreement that Miguel is still the king of R&B. With his November single “Funeral”, it will be interesting what Miguel has in store for us in 2020.

We then take a sharp turn down memory lane, reminiscing about cartoons and movies we used to watch. Everything from Courage the Cowardly Dog, Holes, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. If you listen I’m sure you’ll hear a couple of your favorite TV specials growing up. Tyki shares his crazy story with spice, which makes us question why it was ever legal. Join us as we ramble and share ridiculous stories on the latest episode of Drip Boys!

The Drip Boys are comprised of Hip Hop DJs Berto, Kyle, Tyki, Max, Adam, JMO, and more. We are planning to record more episodes during the spring 2020 semester, so keep it locked on our blog and social media accounts! Follow the link below to listen to our latest episode.