Loco 4 Local! Episode 1: Cmten

Luke Davies, K-UTE Director of Local Music


If you’ve perused the depths of alt-TikTok,

you’ve most likely met the U’s largest musical phenomenon of 2020: Cmten. Earlier this year Cole Garff released his hit single NEVER MET! featuring Glitch Gum, which exploded on TikTok in just a few months. As of September 2020, Cmten has nearly 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify and more than 20 million streams from all streaming services. He’s received praise and press from popular culture websites and newspapers including Lyrical Lemonade and others. He was featured in the top 10 viral tracks on Spotify this summer and has held a spot on the TikTok Hits playlist since June. Luke Davies, K-UTE’s local music director, met with Cmten this spring right as Cmten began to go viral to talk about the avant-garde, unapologetic nature of his music, and what it’s been like working as a full-time student and musician.

In our pilot episode of Loco 4 Local! Cmten gives us a close look at the artists’ experience in Salt Lake City.