The Geekwave Episode 33: The Red Bearded Yakob

The Geekwave Episode 33: The Red Bearded Yakob

Logan Erickson

Hey Geekdom,

Hope y’all are ready for finals! We at The Geekwave feel disorganized which is most likely due to finals. So on this weeks episode of The Geekwave we have some comedic and informative rambling!

There’s a bunch of events coming up, like

We also make a poor attempt at roasting Yakob our assistant manager. Instead, we talk about his magnificent red beard and the fact that he is not a geek. Nonetheless, Ollie says some questionable things (when does he not?), but he makes up for it with a little bit of practical advice for finals. Did we mention Lee also won a keyboard that clicks! It is random and crazy but then again finals time is random and crazy.

Yakob the Pirate!

We hope you enjoy. Good luck with finals! Study hard, get some sleep and most importantly don’t forget to, geekout!

-The Geekwave